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Nutrition and Fat Reduction

I used to take great pride in giving state of the art advice on nutrition. Either for better health or to reduce body fat, taking control of ones eating habits is of great importance. However, I found that every six months, new evidence was being produced contrary to the evidence of the last period. Put this together with a multi-million pound weight loss industry and the result is disinformation of the highest order.

Unable to put my hand on my heart and know for sure that the advice I was giving was true; I reverted to my primary weapon. COMMON SENSE

Common sense on healthy eating

It is possible to live for up to three weeks without food providing you have fresh drinking water.

It is not possible to live for more than three days without water.

It only takes three days to go from perfect health to dehydration, confusion, kidney failure and finally death.

Common sense says drink loads of water!

The body requires all sorts of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes for healthy function that are not always present in pre-packaged food. Even with fresh food, the diet needs to be varied in order to be balanced. Something green, something orange, something red etc.

A study was undertaken by Tony Buzan who is head of the Brain Trust. They took twenty children to a castle in Scotland for a week. They proceeded to lay the banquet table with every conceivable food and told the children they were free to eat whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted. Predictably most of the kids tucked into chocolate and sweets to begin with, but by the end of the week every child, without exception had eaten a full, balanced and varied diet. How did this happen?

They listened to their bodies. The body will ask for what it needs if you are listening.

Common sense says listen to your body and eat a balanced varied diet of mainly fresh food.

Common sense on fat reduction

It is not possible to reduce body fat from one area of your body by doing strength work on that muscle. Muscle and fat are two different types of tissue. Muscle never turns into fat and vice versa.

If you burn enough calories to lose some fat, you will lose it from the last place it arrived. Everybody has fat cells in different parts of their bodies. These fat cells swell and shrink dependant upon how much energy is being used or stored. Some places are very stubborn. If I try to eradicate my 'love handles' for example my face ends up looking gaunt and ill.

If you burn fewer calories than you take in, your body will store that excess energy as body fat. 3500 calories is a pound of fat. The same as a block of butter.

A glass of wine is about 140 calories

A pint of beer is about 200 calories

A chocolate bar is about 200 calories

A tablespoon of olive oil is about 140 calories!

Conversely if you burn more calories than you take in, your body will break down some of its fat stores to make up the deficit.

If you run on a treadmill for half an hour at a good pace, you will burn off about 400 calories.

Going up and down a few flights of stairs regularly throughout the day will burn about 200 calories

Walking to and from work for 40 minutes burns 2-300 calories depending on your pace.

If you store lots of body fat on your bum, it is burning calories through exercises that you enjoy and not ingesting unnecessary calories that will achieve this.

If you do the clock lunges for 20 minutes from the level 3 section in my program you will burn about 300 calories

Remember, you virtually know all this already. You can sense it in your body. If you want to lose body fat or make your body more healthy -