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Motor Control

Traditional exercise has been slow to catch up with the ever growing research on how the human body functions. Recently ,a whole new school of research has uncovered the need for a new discipline which should precede normal exercise, and that is one of Motor Control.

For a muscle to operate, the brain sends a signal via a neuromuscular pathway to a motor unit within the muscle. This motor unit then stimulates a certain number of muscle fibers and the muscle contracts. However it is possible to lose (and gain) these motor units and it is also possible to lose (and gain) these pathways.

Modern living forces us to sit down and disengage our antigravity muscles. Gone are the days of scrubbing floors on hands and knees or of carrying water for miles. The effect of this de-loading on the bum muscles is devastating both cosmetically and for the support of our spines.

At the I have developed methods of identifying the loss of motor control and to restore them with special muscle activation techniques.

Once this is done we strengthen the muscles daily with special exercises that when done correctly make the bum look absolutely fantastic!

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I have the technology to restore your bum!