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Unlike mechanical systems which wear out with use, the bio-mechanical body wears out through lack of use. Muscle tissue quickly wastes away when we stay still as anyone who has been forced into sustained bed rest will tell you.

When you consider that most of us sit down for most of the day, every day, then come home and couch out, it is really no surprise that we become weak and injury prone.

On top of this we actually sit onto our bum muscles, flattening and softening them, almost using them as a cushion and nothing else.

After we have been sitting for a certain time, tension builds in the front of the hip from being unnaturally flexed for so long. Following this, the brain stops 'talking' to the bum muscles and they go to sleep. Until they are re-connected they may as well not be there at all. This is where the special 'activation' techniques come in.

Before trying this exercise lets find out whether your bum is working or not.

Lie down flat onto your front and lift one leg a few inches off the floor. With one of your hands feel the tone that has developed in the back of your thigh (hamstrings). Feel the tone that has developed in your bum and finally the tone in your lower back muscles.

If the tone in your bottom is the same as your back and thigh then your gluteus maximus muscles are already connected so try the second trial exercise instead. If not, follow the instructions for glute max activation in front lying.