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What's so special about

The perfect bum techniques have been developed over the past six years from my work in therapeutic exercise which I use to stabilize and re-balance the body following injury and pain.

In most cases of mechanical lower back pain I and my colleagues in physiotherapy have found that certain muscles around the hip joints ie the bum, and the lower tummy muscles have lost their connection with the brain and in effect gone to sleep.

This makes the muscles sag and look terrible; but because they also cease to support the hip joints and the spine, their lack of tone is one of the major contributing factors to low back pain and hip joint injury.

So my job for the last six years has been to find the reason why the muscles have disconnected to the brain and then find a way to re-connect them. Through this I have developed simple muscle activation techniques that are easy to learn and simple to do.

Once the activation techniques have been repeated enough times theperfectbum routine develops into killer bum exercises that will make your bum look as perfect as it could ever be, with beautiful even tone that functions so well your whole body will thank you for it.

Theperfectbum technique also includes special activation techniques for the deep lower tummy muscles, the ones that are so hard to exercise, as these form a stable base for you to work those bum muscles from.

The result? A flat lower tummy and theperfectbum.

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