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Endorsed by Harley St physiotherapist Ed Blake

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10 week course

The ten week program is what the perfect bum is all about.

It suits people who have joint issues and need to train carefully and intelligently.

It also suits people who are prepared to follow the course to the letter and not rush things

Not only does it deliver a firm toned bum, done properly it will improve the functioning of knees, hip joints, lower backs and sacro-illiac joints. Once you’ve got all the muscles functioning properly they will stay strong because they are always working

The secret is the order in which everything is done:

  • Flexibility and self massage — the bum muscles become inhibited when certain muscles are too stiff
  • Activation techniques — re-connecting the bum muscles to the brain
  • Strengthening exercises — carefully progressed exercises targeting specific areas
  • Functional exercises — special closed chain exercises that integrate the new muscles back into the body
  • Tri-planar exercise — Exercises that use the body in all three planes of motion

Alternatively, see if the 2 week course would suit you better perhaps?